Web-Based Real Estate Marketing—Today!!!

A Small Shift in Your Marketing Effort Can Produce BIG Results, because...

MARKET UPDATE: *80% of today's Homebuyers use the Internet.

Even at the low end this means 80 out of every 100 homebuyers are using the Net, and that means a traditional agent that does NOT have a meaningful Web presence is spending all of his or her time, effort and money trying to attract the attention of just 20 traditional homebuyers.

Let's put the numbers in perspective:

Simple math and common sense tell us which agent has a better chance of attracting the most home buyers.  Because of this natural buyers attraction, that same agent has an obvious competitive advantage that can be used to educate home sellers during listing presentations and win more listings too.

With effective Web-Based Real Estate Marketing you're actually providing a valuable service to both home buyers and home sellers.

Be that agent.  Tap into those *80% of homebuyers and increase your income while you set the new standard for servicing the online, home buying (and selling) community.

Address and service the needs of online homebuyers and help them make the right decisions.   If you need assistance implementing any of the disciplines introduced here, email: MoreInsight@WBREM.com

* Source: The National Association of Realtors™ (USA Today 2/9/07)

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