Web-Based Real Estate Marketing

Do You Use Your Website As Part Of
Your Listing Presentation?

You should be because in today's market the Internet represents a
high-five to mid-six figure increase to your income.

Factoid: Industry leaders report *80% of today's home buyers make their decisions with help from information gathered on the Internet.  Even with that being the case—ONLY 5% of real estate agents have a meaningful Internet marketing plan.

If you don't use your Website as part of your listing presentation, it's for one of two reasons.  Either:
1)   You don't think your Website gives you a competitive advantage and it's not worth mentioning, let alone highlighting its non-competitiveness, or
2)   You don't know how to present your Website's value to your prospects.
If a homeowner asks you...
"What makes you different than any other agent out there?  It's common knowledge that any agent will enter my home into the MLS, plant a sign in my yard, place some flyers on my countertop, and hold an open house or two.  So [exactly] why should I list with you?"

What do you say?  What [exactly] do you tell them?  What can you tell them that will move you to the top of their list of most qualified agents?

You know as well as anybody how hard it is to separate yourself from the competition.

Besides all the basic stuff every agent says -- name, rank and serial number -- bla, bla, bla.  What do you or can you say?

Of all the agent development courses and real estate marketing seminars you've been to, I'll bet every single one of them told you—you must accentuate the difference between you and any other agent your prospect is considering.

The irony is, there are only so many ways you can say you are unique before you start sounding like everyone else.

So how do you set yourself apart from the rest?

More than that, how can you take full advantage of the current state of the industry?  After all, 95% of today's real estate agents do NOT have a meaningful Internet marketing plan.  Even though industry experts report *80% of home buyers now use the Internet in their buying decision process.

This means there is a huge opportunity here to point out a huge difference between you and 95% of other agents.

What this really means is—your Website can be your ace in the hole.

Now that you wiped out 95% of your competition, let's knock out the rest, the remaining 5% of agents that actively go after the online home buyers.

You can leap over them too.

Succeeding on the Internet is not that difficult.  It can be, but it doesn't have to be.

It's really quite simple.

All you have to do is figure out a meaningful Internet marketing plan and you'll zoom by 95% of the playing field.  Then demonstrate the unique advantages your Web-based marketing plan has over the other agents.

If you need assistance servicing the home buying public, and with implementing and maintaining an effective Web-Based Real Estate Marketing plan, email: MoreInsight@WBREM.com

* Source: The National Association of Realtors™ (USA Today 2/9/07)

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